About Innwa Bank


About Innwa Bank Establishing The Innwa Bank Limited is established as an Investment Bank (or) Developing Bank since from 28 November 1997 by the approval of Myanmar Central Bank’s License No- MaBaPa/P – 20(5) (97) dated with 15.5.1997. Bank’s Company Registration The people republic of Myanmar’s National Project & Ministry of Development allow to established as a limited non public company limited, Announcement No- (6/98) dated with 8 June 1998 by using legal permission for the special company of 1950. As per Meeting Agreement of the people republic of Myanmar’s government on the (41/2008) times meeting held at 4.12.2008, National Project & Ministry of Business Development published Register No. 1221/2008-2009 (date - 22.12.2008).